• Contents, objectives and effects
  • Daewon Metal Inc. sort and reproduce disposed resources, which are classified as industrial disuse dispose assets, and recycle and restore products made up of iron, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, etc. to make them available for relevant industries. Through this, we lead the spread of eco-friendly industries as well as cut down costs of resource development. Our contributions were exemplified by the ever-growing demand for our products, and we grasped our possibility for business growth.
  • We are currently undergoing an expansion of services and facilities other than our pre-existing factory (5,4888m2 in area)
  • By March 2023, we will be generating more employment as well as provide collaborative workspace, which are in line with our goals of becoming a social enterprise

· We also provide work for relevant professionals that are socially disadvantaged
· Establishment of business-related research center based on the company’s technical experience and know-hows
· Contributes to local economic development

  • Expected effects

1. Allows smooth production through improvements in production facilities
2. Grow into an eco-friendly restoration company by expanding into resource use industries
3. Discover new avenues of eco-friendly business through the research center

  • Product
    (use/specifications/process/market situation/technological and quality competitiveness/expected demand)
Product use and specification
(products and services)
– Sorted products: iron, copper, brass, silver, etc. that can be supplied as raw resources in all industries
– Manufactured products: aluminum chips are re-manufactured into ingots and exported
※ Using the current technology and knowhows, we aim to develop into a social enterprise
Product manufacture process chart – Sorting → select aluminum chips → remanufactured using electricity → ingots
– Sorting → iron, copper, brass, silver, etc.
Market situation
(market size, main demands, competitors, etc.)
– We have discovered an opportunity to grow into an eco-friendly company by reusing industrial waste from almost all industries based on science and information technology
– In manufacturing and production, our products are in high demand
– We also secured multiple overseas dealers, which allowed us to have an upper hand in terms of exports and internal revenue
Quality and technological competitiveness
(comparisons with other products in terms of technology, quality and cost)
– We have secured the IPRs for our technology after the establishment of our research center
– We have also built an patented automated system, which allows us to produce high quality products at low cost
Expected demand and sales plan – The purity of aluminum chips from this company is 99.1%, and this has previously completely sold out
Resource recycling products – Industrial waste is sorted and reprocessed to be provided as high quality raw material
· Expansion of global recycling industry